The worst time to graduate?


It is only fitting that my first blog post here on wordpress opens with a Japanese greeting as I can speak the language extremely well.

…Okay, so that’s a downright dirty lie. The fact is I would love to be able to speak Japanese fluently. If I had this skill, you can bet I would be right over to that little island to teach English or something. You see, I graduated last Thursday with what I feel to be a good degree and yet I find myself in the annoying predicament of not being able to to get a job. I should explain that I have in fact been looking for work since last December and not last week. I’ve got half-way through a couple of applications but nothing to write home about. My academic year were the first to pay tuition-fees, but we were assured by a Labour Government that the extra £9,000+ debt we would be getting into would be worth it, as we would be able to graduate in 2009 and easily find jobs that would pay better off in our lifetime than our peers who left school straight after A-Levels. I suppose that remains to be seen. I’ll get back to you regarding it in about twenty-five years.

Regardless, a great majority of us felt like we were getting slapped in the face with an expensive fish even before we entered the wonderful world of university. Yes, college is a place for debauchery, gluttony and any other number of the so-called Seven deadly sins. That’s what makes it so damn awesome. But don’t let that fool you; students work bloody hard for their degrees, succinctly summarised by one of my most favourite artists:

Stat 60 by Mc Lars

We worked hard in the hope of getting a well paying and meaningful career. As you may have noticed however, in the past year the economy of the United Kingdom and yes, even the world, has been hit slightly hard. As in, Cristano Ronaldo is slightly arrogant. What does this mean for graduates such as myself? It means that the average number of graduates chasing every job on offer this year has risen to 48 and graduate salaries have been frozen, according to the BBC at least.

I guess it’s no surprise that many graduates are considering working overseas in times like this. Recently, MP’s advocated foreign interships and volunteer work in lieu of a full-time job. I myself am entertaining with the idea of working in America for a few months. Although if I am totally honest, I really want to experience working and living abroad for a prolonged time at least once in my life and before I get any real commitments (mortgage, relationship, children etc) that would otherwise tether me to a regular 9-5 existence.

Times will be hard for us 2009 grads and this does make one ask the question “Was it worth it? Was it worth getting into over £20,000 in debt (in my case at least) just to end up on the dole?”

Hell yes.


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