The Evolution of Man

We’re all familiar with those quaint little pictures dictating the evolution of man, usually starting with small ape-like figure that progressively gets taller and taller whilst losing hair but gaining fine abs. It’s textbook stuff really, hence the

Such as this

reason why it’s so often parodied. Whenever the classic ‘Go God Go’ episode of South Park airs you will usually find me on the floor well and truly rolling around and laughing my ass off (if only there was a well-known acronym for that phrase) at the scene where Mrs Garrison teaches the theory of evolution to her class and concludes that “you’re the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish squirrel”. Satirical portrayals of those crazy creationists will always tickle my funny bone.

Here’s a couple of favourites.

1) South Park

I had to start with this one. The sad thing is there are people out there who truly do not understand the scientific credence of the theory of evolution and think it means we were all born as monkeys and changed in our lifetimes. When I was 14, a fellow classmate of mine turned around to me on a bus one day and said “Chris, were we all born with tails”?  Swing and a miss.

2) Mock the Week

Yes, we were all once dark-humoured Scottish comedians, then we hit the stage where we all played TV doctors on a beloved sitcom featuring an alien superhero, and finally we became giant psychotic heads of sixth form.

(That really would not make the slightest bit of sense to anyone not familiar with British TV. Cf. Mock The Week, Frankie Boyle, Hugh Dennis, Greg Davies, My Hero and The Inbetweeners.

3) The Simpsons

“What took you so long?”

I also love how Moe devolves. Reminds me of the Super Mario Bros movie where the Koopa’s have that gun which devolves peopl….Oh great, I spent years trying to repress that travesty of a film. Back to therapy.

4) The Evolution of Man and War

I saw that for the first time about a year ago. Nicely done. But my god is it depressing to read some of the comments..

5) Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @

At some point in our lives, we all get followed by monkeys.

6) Something Went Wrong

Something somewhere went wrong

I think it was around 4am on the 25th of February 127 CE

7) Man to Pig

Funny Pictures

George Orwell was on to something in Animal Farm.

8 ) Turns out we did not evolve…Proved by peanut butter.

I think I just died a little.

9) The fallibility of Genesis

Show #9 to anyone who actually believes in #8.

Favourite quote: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth….it doesn’t go into detail”.

It never goes into detail does it…unlike us crazy people who support evolution and have thousands of sources.


Went off on a tangent a bit with those last two I’ll admit. Back to the original point though, this final one deals with the evolution of man, sex and violence from our humble origins as nomadic hunters and gatherers to the present day. It’s pretty big so click the thumbnail for the whole deal.

Free Image Hosting at

I’d love to credit the original author for that but a quick Google search didn’t exactly help me. If anyone can hook me up with a name and a link give us a shout.

Talking of evolution, I’m off to see Ice Age 3.


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