My Wena, Jobs, Paronychia, Media

Bowling for Soup- my favourite band and the saviours of happiness- have released their latest music video, My Wena. Yes, this is a typical pop-punk fun-time video and it doesn’t fail to hit all the right buttons on my wena.

It’s so wrong but so right…

Anyway I can’t wait for their new album to come out; I haven’t had a new heavy dose of BFS since the Great Burrito Extortion Case came out in ’06 and quite frankly I’m hitting withdrawal. Their also touring in October but sadly they’re not coming anywhere near Gloucester and their London slot is on a Thursday which could be a problem if I had a job.

Speaking of jobs nothing has arisen on that front. I’m checking the regular websites everyday and nothing to speak of is popping up. I’m trying to stay positive; a lot of Graduate schemes with some big names open in September so I’ll be applying for them then. It’s not like I’m not doing anything with my free time. After three years I’m learning to drive again which seems easier than it did when I was 18.

I’m suffering from a pretty bad case of paronychia on my right hand, which makes typing bloody hard. Every key stroke feels like someone is pinching the end of my fingers with a hot pair of tongs…Still this summer isn’t as bad as it was in 2007. Back then I was working eight days a week at Asda which is depressing in its own right without having to distribute free water to the public. During the Great Flood of 07 as I am now calling it, I received a couple of texts from uni friends asking me how I was doing. Some of them were from people I hardly knew. It was nice. I got a text from my best friend as well  and his simply read “haha you have to swim to work, you cunt”.   .

How hypocritical is the media in this country? When Jordan first hit the scenes as a ‘humble’ Page Three model and exploded her boobs up to size triple Z these so-called ‘women magazines’ just wrote her off as another slag willing to get her tits out for gullible men right. Then she hooked up with Peter-I’m so far in the closet that I’m in Narnia- Andre and suddenly she’s a “clever business woman” who “uses her skills and energy in a productive way to make it in the world”. Then Peter and his not so mysterious girl break up and suddenly, she’d a two faced bitch again! Exactly the same with Jade Goody. “She’s a racist pig faced slob that represents the very worst of today’s world” then less than a year later “oh no, she’s dying, what a saint, Diana 2.0”. Consistency PLEASE.

Incidentally I’m disgusted that my Firefox spell-check doesn’t recognise the word ‘Narnia’. Nor, oddly, does it recognise ‘Firefox’. Fail.


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